Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sample itinerary 003-Eat!Eat!Eat!


Visit the Tsukiji fish market.
If you are a early-bird, you can check a tuna auction room always filled with cheerful negotiation.
And its outer market must fascinate not only Sushi lovers but gourmets.

visit a vast food kingdom in a department store. A basement of department stores looks a kind of wonderland for foodies.Seasonal delicacies, super-fresh fish,sweets...take your pick!

If you can't sooth your hunger, this item must be a help?
The kitchen utensils town of Kappabashi provides EVRYTHING around kitchen, knives, ceramics,items,pans and of course including food samples.
Anyway, please don't make a mistake in distinguishing. from real one. 

Enjoy a stroll and dinner in the town of gourmet and Gaisha hideaway(Kagurzaka).

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