Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Waiting for your bite!

Dishes on the table are waiting for your first bite here and everywhere.In  prestigious restaurants, no name eating places and cafes. You may be attracted major Japanese cuisine such like Shabu-shabu, Tempura but our daily favourite always come in a unpretentious eatery.

Regular and green tea soba(buckweat noodle)-Don't be scared of slurping sound!When you put a one pick of soba into your mouth, a wonderful aroma of green tea spread around.

-Sashimi plate
Assorted plate of Sashimi may belong to a must when you sit in a local pub.You can enjoy the most tasty one in season.

-Bento box
If you don't have good enough time to savour Japanese dishes in a restaurant, don't worry!A wide variety of boxed lunch(Bento box) can please both your eyes and mouth.

Can you find what it is? It's vegetable pancake, enjoying a self-making process in a restaurant.Someone may struggle with a technique of turning a pancake on a hot iron plate, but it must enhance your appetite.

Chinese-oriented noodle but became a national "staple" later. Its taste varies from simple salted, soy sauce to miso(fermented soybean paste) and the like. Every part of Japan has its own local Ramen, therefore you'll never be tired of doing Ramen pilgrimage.

-For children
Even worldly-famous Kitty the cat can come on the table.
This Kitty lunch box contains assortment of stewed vegetables and special Sushi.

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