Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sample itinerary 004- Excursion to the ocean and an old capital

Kamakura is the old capital with thousands of temples and historic spots.But its most attract lies in great location. If you take a local train for 10 minuts, a breathtaking view appears in your window, giving you a good repose in the hiatus of busy itinerary.
Sitting on a bench at the station, the sound of oscillating waves heals your mind and body.


-Local farmer's market
It's fun to browse farm-fresh produces in season.

-Bamboo temple
Tranquility prevails the bamboo forest.Sitting with a sip of tea in an arbor or meditation?

-Cozy small gardens also wait for your visit.
You man need take time to choose your destination for a break. All of gardens in Kamakura is sure-fire.

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